Madrid, April 29th, 2016 – Arriving in the Spanish capital Madrid last night (April 28), Emporio Armani held the latest edition of its 'Emporio Armani Sounds' series with a private concert by British electronic singer AlunaGeorge. 

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The first event of its kind at the authentic Cha Chá The Club (a unique historic location in the center of the city) also included a party with DJ sets by the famed Spanish duo Pelayo Diaz/Natalia Ferviú and Pascal Moscheni and was enjoyed by over 500 guests including influencers, actors and socialites.

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'Emporio Armani Sounds' is an initiative continuing to celebrate the bond between Emporio Armani and the music world, which has included concerts in major cities around the world featuring talents such as Mark Ronson, Brandon Flowers, Charlie XCX, Lion Babe, Kindness, La Roux etc. Last year a dedicated app was launched and customers from anywhere in the world can experience the full scale of the series and its activities.

Among the VIPs who attended the evening were: 

Antonia Dell´Atte, model
Eugenia Silva, model
Mónica Cruz, actress
Marta Hazas, actress
Rúben Ochandiano, actor
Najwa Nimri, actress
Alfonso Bassave, actor
Aitor Ocio, football player
Javier Rey, actor
Jordi Molla, actor
Aitor Luna, actor


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