Lao Ra is a Colombian-born, East London-based pop singer creating a tropical sound that she refers to as ‘pineapple pop’. “Jesus Made Me Bad”, her track from the summer, set the tone for an artist who’s able to blend her native musicality with potent lyrics and modern values.

Her latest song, “Drum Machine” has racked up over 3 millions plays on Spotify, so we thought it best to hang out with the burgeoning starlet to learn about what Bogota has and what her weirdest job was prior to music.

Hey Lao Ra, can you describe 'pineapple pop' to us?

Basically, it’s the way my music sounds…visually. It will change eventually - I won’t always be making music to a pineapple sound but for now it’s tropical, it’s fun, it’s sweet and it has a bit of an edge.

What does London need that Bogota has?

London needs parties, like the parties in Bogota. It’s wild, it’s later, there’s no curfew. It’s freer too, people dance more. So that’s what I think London is missing. And now with closing all the venues, it’s going in the wrong direction I think. London needs the social aspect that Bogota has, that kind that all of South America has. We make time for friends and family. It’s probably the thing I miss the most.

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What was the weirdest job you had before breaking into music?

Er, I had two but I don’t know which was weirder. I was a breast model for a plastic surgeons class. They paid me really well! I was also selling smoke alarms in Spain. It was an Irish company though, I had to fly to Madrid to sell them and I had all these meetings with these firemen, I was like “oh my god they’re so sexy! I’m going give up music” the smoke alarm business is great!

Can you tell us three women that you love?

Madonna. Debbie Harry and [long pause] M.I.A. Debbie Harry managed to be sexy, powerful, clever, fashion icon and a rock girl all in one. She’s respected by the girls, the boys, by everyone. Icon.

What have been your top three albums this year

Anti by Rihanna. Views by Drake. Was Tame Impala this year? If not then M.I.A’s new album.

Credits: photography by Tommy Francis