The Soundtrack of my life


Rising pop princess Sabella talks us through the soundtrack of her life!

Peter Gabriel - 'In Your Eyes’

This song, in my head is one of the best pop songs ever!! And Peter Gabriel is my guy. I love his melodicism, his lyrics, his voice and am so inspired by his inclusion of all types of world music and his ability to execute it as some sort of pop soul fusion. Genius man.

Blood Orange - 'Best To You’

This is a sweet 80s inspired soul sound. If anyone is doing that well now, it's Dev Hynes. This song and album gave me a resurgence of life and direction last year.

Furniture - 'Brilliant Mind’

The theatrics of it all! The sincerity of it all! I wrote with Jim Irvin (the front man of Furniture) for the first time around two years ago and remember it being a real moment in my career. He made a playlist full of 70s/80s tunes that acted as a real musical awakening for me. Including this track.

Dounia - ‘Shyne’

R&B is my first true love. Dounia is 2017 inspiration. This song keeps me straight when record labels think they know best.

Fiona Apple - 'Never Is Promise’

I love Fiona and this is a ballad so delicate but weighty in sentiment and honesty. I tell myself to be true whenever I'm writing and remember this woman.

Francis and the Lights - 'For Days’

My ‘nowadays’ Peter Gabriel but Francis has got the moves too. Sweet and soulful synth pop. It’s one of my favourites.

Imogen Heap - 'Hide and Seek’

This is a song written, produced and performed all solely by Imogen Heap. What's not to be inspired by? I think this song was innovative for its time too, she was one of the first people to use a vocoder really, really well.

Donna Summer - 'I Feel Love’

This song is purely a feeling. Whenever people listen it's so psychedelic they almost go into a trance. When I take songwriting too seriously, I think about this song.

The Doobie Brothers - 'What A Fool Believes’

I mean, this groove, this voice from one of the greatest pop vocalists.

Frank Ocean - 'Swim Good’

Almost everything he ever releases inspires me.

Jamie Woon - ‘Gravity’ – This is a perfect fusion of pop, and R&B. The first time I listened to it, I cried. True story.

Joan Armatrading - 'Love and Affection’

I love the lyrics ‘but with a lover I can really dance, really dance’. There’s so much soul. Don't be shy, be soulful.

Everything But The Girl - ‘Driving’

The sax in this kills me, as do the vocal samples.

Judee Sill - 'Jesus Was A Cross Maker’

Judee was a beautifully poetic writer. Similar to Nick Drake I’d say. So dreamy, and with one of the sweetest voices of all time.

Tamia - 'Into You’

Tamia - 'Into You’ - This track is for my 14 year old self. I remember seeing Tamia in the music video, riding around on a glam boat with Fabolous. At that moment, I knew, a career in music could be for me and it's what I wanted.

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