First exploding onto the music scene in 2012 with the track “Love Me”, Stooshe had a string of top ten hits before releasing their debut album the following year. The girls were quiet until earlier this year when they released “Lock Down” the first single from their upcoming second album. This was followed by “Let It Go” in the summer, a track that had fans waiting with bated breath for news of the album. And before it is released later this year we catch up with the trio to find out what chapter two holds.

How would you describe the sound of Stooshe now in your own words? What’s changed since we last heard from you?

Well it's been three years since we released our first album, so we've definitely grown up a bit! The second album is still very much pop RnB but we've kept our Motown and soulful roots with our harmonies which we absolutely love. It's definitely an evolved sound with live instrumentation and hard-hitting beats!  We've got so much more to talk about and wanted to share our journey with the listener so the lyrical content is real to us. As a three we have worked so hard on this album and our fans have been so patient with us that we just can’t wait to share it with them.

You all seem to be outspoken and non-conformist in your attitudes. Do you think that’s becoming more acceptable in music? 

Definitely, the music industry and fans who love music are very into the meaning behind songs and the lyrics and they want to hear what you have been through - from struggles to what makes you happy or sad and it's important for us to tell our story and put across how we feel in whatever situation we feel like talking or singing about.

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You are designing a sportswear collection soon. Is fashion important for you as a band and do you enjoy playing around with different styles?    

Absolutely - I think we would all agree that fashion is something that's important to us as a band and as individuals. Fashion is a form of expression and we have always allowed each other to embrace what we wanted to wear. For the first album we opted for crazy in your face ensembles, but now as we've grown up a little we like to think we're ‘on trend’. We still like keeping to our own individuality as we are three totally different shapes, styles and personalities and we like to express that in our clothes.

Are there any messages that you hope to spread through your music or aesthetic to inspire your audience? What do you stand for as a band?

We feel that as a whole we stand for unity and togetherness. In the six years that we have been together we have been through super highs and unfortunately super lows too. The one thing that kept us going is each other and our belief in who we are and what it is that we do as a trio. This is what our new album depicts. It's an insight into our journey to this very point in our careers and we hope that it will resonate with the fans. We as three young women who were brought together by change but who 100% embrace each other and have always been there for one another.
We are not conventional (in any way). Be strong, be confident and don't let any one take that from you because you don't fit into a box that can be ticked.

What does the future look like for Stooshe? Where are you all headed next and what goals have you set yourselves for the coming years? 

The future looks very fun! We have our second album coming out next year and have been blessed to have worked with some amazing producers and writers putting it together. We set our goals high and luckily it paid off as we got to work with Grammy awards winner Keith Harris who worked with Black Eyed Peas, Carla Marie Williams who worked with Beyoncé and the super talented Ghostwriter. Our true passion is performing so we’re planning a tour early next year so we can get the new material out on the road. This also includes European dates, which we cannot wait for! It's always amazing to see how audience in other countries react to our music!