The Spanish musicians you need to know

We all know who the biggest exports are from the USA and UK, but just because some of Europe’s lesser known bands don’t get as many column inches as their transatlantic peers it doesn’t mean that they’re any less deserving of a spot on your playlists. Luckily EA Sounds is on hand to help and here we get to know some of Spain’s most promising musical wonders.

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John Talabot

DJ, producer and electronic musician, there’s little that John Talabot can’t do. One of the best known artists on our list, he rose to fame in 2010 with the track Sunshine, before releasing his debut album two years later. He now fills clubs, plays sold out festivals and works with the likes of Jamie xx, as well as running his own record label Hivern Discs.

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Las Bistecs

Looking like they’ve stepped straight out of an early John Waters film, Las Bistecs are a high energy, supper sassy pop duo that do exactly what they want and are unlike anyone else you’ll find in the charts right now. Hyper real in their sound and visuals, Las Bistecs aren’t for the faint hearted. Just take a look at their video for Historia del Arte.

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Already compared to the likes of Tame Impala and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Baywaves are pop perfection straight from the Spanish capital. The foursome are already creating waves in their native country and thanks to their fun psychedelic sound it doesn’t look like too long before the rest of the world catches on too. Listen to The Freak Kingdom and Dreaming to start your education.

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Big Summer

Originally from Portugal, Vasco Batista aka Big Summer has now made his home in Barcelona where he works on feel good dream pop. The first single, Morning Sun was followed by their first album, Everything is Going To Be OK at the end of 2013, before the EP Big Summer the following year. Fans are waiting patiently for a second full length album later this year.

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Autumn Comets

Madrid-based band Autumn Comets most recent album, We Are Here/You Are Not proved a worrisome one for them. The band were concerned that they wouldn’t finish it but they needn’t have worried, they delivered a shining example of the type of jangly, off-beat pop music that has earned them a legion of followers in their hometown.

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While her sister is already a well known folk singer, CARLA’s first taste of success came in 2014 when she self-released Let’s Burn A Forest, a lesson is synth-pop perfection. Compared to the likes of FKA Twigs and Beach House, CARLA then set to work on her debut album, produced by John Davis who had previously worked with the likes of Lana Del Rey and Haim. What followed was a magical electro pop record that sets her apart from her peers – there are bright things in CARLA’s future.

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Edgier than some of the other bands on our list Redthread should be added to your playlist if you’re in the mood for something a little rockier. The progressive-rock trio originally hail from Barcelona and released their first EP, Emma, in 2014. Currently recording their first album, what we’ve heard so far is captivating dark wave indie-rock at its finest.

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Twin Drama

Xavier Mohedano and Fernando Herrero, otherwise known as Twin Drama are a pop duo from Barcelona who are necessary for any sunny summer playlist. The band only formed last year but have already started to build a loyal fanbase and can be seen playing at festivals around Spain this summer. We recommend you listen to Marie Lou and Bad Journey.


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