Talking sound & style with

Aurora Anthony

New York is a major theme on Aurora Anthony’s latest record, Autumn. Having grown up in the shadows of the Manhattan skyline in the city’s famous Lower East Side, Aurora’s music describes his experiences living, learning and coping with the claustrophobic and sometimes hostile energy in one of his boroughs most diverse neighbourhoods. Autumn is a powerful stream of consciousness as descriptions of life on the block intersperse with introspective, philosophical refrains and dreamlike hooks. We catch up with the musician to talk sound and style.

Is there a concept on Autumn?

With the album, it wasn’t supposed to come out like that. I put it out that way because two of my friends from way back sadly died. A friend I used to be in a rap group with passed away first and I was with him on that day and he was talking and saying, “What are you waiting for? Put out your music!” so I just took what I had, chose the ten best songs, got it mixed and put it out there.

From a sound perspective, how have you kept your sound consistent? Are you influenced by what's out there right now?

I know what type of music is out right now. But I don’t think it really impacts how I make my music. My voice is very deep so I couldn’t even do the things those other rappers are doing, even if I did it wouldn’t sound like them. I’m not influenced or affected by it. I guess it’s just my experience, me explaining what I’ve been through in my life and how I handled it.

Talk us through your personal style...

I’m one of those people who has always been dressing a certain way. Even in my middle school pictures and my high school pictures I was wearing certain brands already. I don’t really look at anybody for style guidance or knowledge about certain things, I don’t even follow those people on Instagram.

If I see something and I like it then I do it.

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Do you feel like hip-hop is more stylish than it’s ever been?

A lot of early people like ASAP Rocky and people like that, they were drawing inspiration from older styles and older looks. What a lot of people ended up doing was saying, “Okay I’m going to go back and pull something that these guys haven’t pulled yet” and then you’ve got people dressing as punks and goths and doing all that crazy stuff just because it hasn’t been done yet. Everyone’s just trying to be different and it’s just making everyone the same. Now if you just dress like a regular person you stand out!

What’s coming up next for you?

I’m working on a visual for “Moment” and I’m going to drop some new music in early October, early next year I’ll be on tour in Europe too.

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