Kate Stewart

No stranger to the music industry, Kate Stewart has been making music since she was a teenager and originally released tracks under the moniker KStewart, but now the rising London songstress is back with a new EP that is unapologetically her. Now going by her full name, Kate has drawn influence from her R&B roots and the music she grew up listening to for EP ‘In the Beginning’, a project that marks the next chapter in her life. We caught up with her to talk evolution, style and how to throw a great party.

You’re releasing new music this year after a break - how has your music evolved in this time?

I feel like my music has become a lot more grown up. Before, when I was releasing as ‘KStewart’, my sound was super mainstream pop. I wasn’t entirely comfortable with that sound, it didn’t feel like me. With this EP and my new sound as Kate Stewart, I’ve gone back to my roots and used the musical influences that I grew up listening to. I’ve kept my voice rawer and the production a lot more stripped back, I feel like my sound has become a lot classier and understated.

What themes and sounds can we expect from your new record?

My project ‘In The Beginning’ is super R&B. It’s very dreamy, with loads of harmonies running all throughout. I wanted to keep most of the production to a minimum so the vocals were the main focus of all the songs. It’s very chilled out and low-key. I wanted to take it back to old school R&B, although still sounding current; there’s a lot of throwback elements.

You’ve worked with numerous artists as well, what is the best advice you’ve been given from a fellow artist?

I think the best advice I’ve been given is ‘stay true to yourself’. I feel like you can always tell when an artist truly believes in the music they are making. If it’s coming from your heart, and you are excited for people to hear it, you’re making the right move.

Stay true to yourself

How important is style to you as a performer and how do you craft your look?

I think style is really important when you’re an artist. There’s nothing worse than someone who gets on stage and looks like they’re going to the local supermarket (in my opinion). When you get on stage your alter ego should come out, and an amazing look always helps me personally to feel more confident in front of an audience. I switch up my style a lot. Most days I just wear a tracksuit, especially when I want to be cosy in the studio, but I’ll always pair it with a faux fur jacket or something extra! When I’m performing, I like to wear something sexy so I feel my best when I’m putting on a show.

Who is your style icon?

Cher. She’s 72 years old and has been serving look after look for 20+ years. I’ve always kept my hair long because of her.

You have curated a party playlist for us - what is needed for the perfect party?

I think all you need for the perfect party is your crew and good music. As long as I’ve got all my girls with me, every night’s a good night.