Get to know

Madison Rose

Madison Rose is the pop maximalist making sound (and style) waves this summer. The LA-based newcomer wanted to create “a kaleidoscopic ball pit of enlightenment,” with her debut single and music video ‘DIAMONDS’ (currently surpassing the 45k mark on Spotify), a catchy self-love anthem featuring a mega-mix of rainbow wigs, confetti cannons, color-pop 90s clothes. Get to know music’s most colorful newcomer here.

Describe your music in three words…

Technicolor, Electric, Outspoken.

Who’s your greatest influence?

Beyoncé. Name a harder working person. She has the vision for her whole operation and works tirelessly.

Who’s the last person you called?

My mom.

What did you talk about?

How much I loved her and missed her. Things have been getting busier for me and I have less time to talk lately but she is the most important person in my life and I need her to know that.

One album you couldn’t live without?

Channel Orange by Frank Ocean.

Time or money?

Time. Specifically with people I love.