Meet Sonny

Sonny may still be only a teenager but this 18-year-old has been honing his craft for years already, cutting his teeth at gigs around his native Newcastle and learning how to work a crowd.

And all that practice is set to be put to good use this year with the release of his recently released debut EP. The first single from that EP, “Princess”, an RnB tinged soulful gem, is already gaining momentum with over a million views on Facebook and 200,000 streams on Spotify. Before he hits the big time we catch up with Sonny to talk new music, fashion and being a hopeless romantic.

Talk us through your earliest inspirations? How have they influenced your music today?

My earliest inspirations would have to be Stevie Wonder, Newton Faulkner and Ray Lamontagne. I have been surrounded by soul and acoustic music throughout my life and there are so many artists who have influenced the way I write. I would say my music is mostly acoustic and soul influenced because of the artists that have influenced me.

Your debut EP is called Hopeless Romance - why the name and does it describe you?

Hopeless romantic describes the ups and downs of love and the songs reflect that. I can be a hopeless romantic but as you get older you realise love isn't a fairytale. But I'm so excited for my upcoming EP to be released. It's everything I could have hoped for so it was totally worth going through some stuff to be inspired to write about it.

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Your write from a personal perspective, is that ever a worry when the subject matter revolves around relationships?

I feel like it's a brave thing to do. It's not easy putting all your emotions into a song and then sharing it with the world. But it's much easier to get deeper and write about something you've been through rather than trying to put yourself in someone else's shoes.

What is your opinion on fashion? Is it integral to performers these days?

I love clothes! I feel like it's important for an artist to have their own style that defines them and makes them unique.

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I just wear clothes that I like and that I'm comfortable in and I would always care about what I wore whether I was an artist or not. Sometimes my mates mock me for having my ear pierced or looking different to them but I'm used to it now.