It wouldn’t be summer without a party tune that you cannot help but listen to on repeat. And for us, that track is “Wrong Move”, the infectious collaboration from world renowned DJ and producer R3HAB, singer Olivia Holt and South London musical duo THIRDL!FE. Here we find out how one of the songs of the summer came into being.

Hey guys! How did this collaboration come about?

THRDL!FE: R3HAB is a legend. We have been fans of his for years and his production skills are crazy, so when he said he was on board we were pretty excited. Olivia is someone we've wanted to work with for a while also, since hearing her song 'History'. We knew this was the perfect song for her to sing and luckily for us she loved it!

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Olivia: A couple months back they sent me 'Wrong Move' and I was super into it. The track, the lyrics and story, the mysteriousness and sexiness of it caught my attention. Not to mention I'm a mega fan of all those guys so it just added to the excitement of working with them.

Olivia, has music always been a part of your life?

Music is my first love. My dad is a musician so I grew up listening to him and his band play all the time. I loved it. Every bit of it, from creating the music to performing it. I knew it was in my bones and something that I wanted to do. Never mattered if it was professionally or just for fun.

What was the process like of creating this track when you were in the studio?

THRDL!FE: It was a very long process! We were working on it for a long time and made a few different versions, but kept coming back to this one. It started with the chords and bass line, then built around that. The topline we had from Julia Michaels was so special that we made sure to take the time to check that every single element in the record was serving a specific purpose.

In your opinion, what is the secret to the perfect dance track?

THRDL!FE: Not sure if there are any magic secrets, but rhythm and melody are universal, so a catchy melody and a rhythm that gets people moving is a good place to start!

And what is the secret to a successful collaboration?

Olivia: I think it all has to do with mutual creativity and benefits. Bringing passion to the project so as to move people and inspire them.

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Any plans for more collaborations in the future?

THRDL!FE: Yes! We are lucky enough to always be working with amazing singers/songwriters/producers, and we have some exciting stuff coming!

Olivia: I sure do as well. None that I can give away quite yet, unfortunately. But I can say you guys will not be disappointed!