Rachel Foxx

Rachel Foxx is the attitude laden, honey voiced musician that modern R&B has been crying out for. Influenced by the likes of Sade, Maxwell and Aaliyah, Rachel draws heavily from golden era R&B production in her tracks that are as positive and uplifting as they are easy on the ears. Following two EPs, she recently worked with Toddla T and is gearing up for her next EP to drop in May. But before that, check out her single “Mistress”, which is released today, and get to know her a little better below.

What do you find so mesmerising about 90s and 00s R&B, and how do you capture that in your music?

I love the 90s - everything about it actually - but the music and fashion mostly. Obviously I was really young in the 90s but I'm still heavily influenced by the sound and definitely the style.

Whether in fashion or music, nostalgia is very prevalent now - particularly for that time. Why do you think it’s an era that is so referential to the youth of today?

I think it's so referential and influential at this current point because it was just an iconic time when music was at its best. I personally think it was the golden era for hip-hop and R&B and people will never forget this.

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Do you feel like your style of fashion matches your sound, and how important is fashion to you as a performer?

Fashion and style are really important to me because it’s another way of expressing yourself. Before I started music full time I used to work in fashion stores, I've literally worked for every designer underneath the sun, and I did that for years, through college part-time etc. and I was surrounded by fashion everyday, so it’s definitely something I care about dearly.

Talk us through your track “Mistress” - what was the inspiration?

I wrote “Mistress” for girls. I love girls and the song is about being sexy, fun and care-free. A lot of my older music is all about love and deep stuff and this song is literally a fun time.

What can we expect from your EP and future music?

My new EP is fun, fun, fun! I've been doing a lot of shows around Europe and I wanted new music that uplifts people and is fun to perform all around the world.

My new EP is fun, fun, fun!

Which are your Top Ten Iconic R&B songs?

1. Toni Braxton – You’re Making Me High
Love, love, love Toni Braxton! She’s one of my biggest influences, her voice is so deep and rich and this song gives me the chills.

2. Donell Jones - U Know What’s Up
This is a proper classic for everyone, any age.

3. Adina Howard - Freak Like Me
My mum used to play this in the house everyday and I was hooked!

4. Total - Can't You See ft Biggie
I've always loved Total, their fashion is incredible too.

5. Brandy - Baby
Classic R&B, this one never gets old!

6. 702 - Steelo
This is the 90s at its finest, in my opinion.

7. Hey Lover - Boyz II Men, LL Cool J
This is the song that makes me want to be in love.

8. I Can Love You - Mary J Blige, Lil Kim
This collaboration is the perfect blend of R&B and hip-hop.

9. Groove Theory - Tell Me
Groove Theory are so underrated, they’re the perfect blend of soul and R&B.

10. Faith Evans - You Used to Love Me
Faith Evans is and always will be a queen!

playlist Rachel Foxx’s Top Ten Iconic R&B songs