Falling somewhere between a singer-songwriter and an electronic musician, Stevie Appleton is a genre-defying force to be reckoned with. Drawing influence from the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Jeff Buckley, the British musician has spent the last few years working with Dutch label Spinnin’ Records to create a sound that is entirely his own. His new single, “Supposed To Do” is a testament to this, and a sign of great things to come. Get to know him better below, and then watch this space.

What is your earliest musical memory?

My first memory of music was sitting on my dad’s knee at the piano watching him create these beautiful sounds with simple arpeggios, sometimes using my fingers to do so too. I was totally mesmerised and it wasn’t long before I started trying it on my own.

Your music fuses several genres, what is the process when you start to create a track?

I absolutely love jamming along to beats. Beats give me a sense of rhythm that I can then work around on either the guitar or piano. Once I’m happy with a chord progression or riff, I’ll record in the rough take and then start layering vocal melodies. Before you know it, you’re only some lyrics away from a song.

What is inspiring you musically now?

Lyrically I often dip into this big notes section I’ve made on my phone where I’ve written down literally any little thread of an idea that I thought might one day be useful, whether it be a title, a phrase, a concept; whether it’s coming from me or I’ve heard it somewhere else. They almost always turn into something completely different but it’s great to have a starting block sometimes.

Who is your musical icon?

Fleetwood Mac are my favorite band due to the pure brilliance of their songwriting. The album ‘Rumours’ is a work of art and a passion piece that I don’t think will ever really be challenged again, musically-speaking. There’s an honesty to their songwriting that I feel is lost in the modern pop music industry, but perhaps it’s in the production too.

Which three albums would you take to a desert island and why?

Rumours, Electric Ladyland, Harvest Moon.

What does the rest of the year hold for you?

I have a tour in October which will be with a full band. I’ll be hitting a few summer festivals - the best season. But also keeping my head down and writing and producing more songs similar to Supposed To Do. Stay tuned - some exiting sounds happening!