Yxng Bane

Yxng Bane had a great 2017, and his 2018 looks set to follow the same path. Last year the London musician racked up tens of millions of plays across Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud with a catalogue that seamlessly shifts from dancehall-influenced love songs like “Rihanna” to the gritty, ominous sounds of latest single “Froze”, and to kick off 2018 was nominated on the BBC Sound of 2018 poll.

I wouldn't put a tag on my music", he states, refusing to conform to restrictive genre tags. The UK's music scene continues to reinvent itself again after the great Grime revival - the music genre that first exploded in London in the early 00s - and Bane is at the crest of a wave of artists distilling multiple, worldwide influences into the sound that will dominate 2018.

How do you define a Yxng Bane track?

It’s organic. Every time you hear a Yxng Bane track it sounds different because every time I go into the studio I feel different and I express a different emotion. So whether I need to sing to express it or rap, the end product is going to be however I felt at the time, however I need to tell the story, however I need to express the message.

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Who are your earliest influences?

When I was younger the music around the house was The Isley Brothers, Boyz II Men - I grew up in an African music and R&B household. As I got older, the first album I ever bought was 50 “Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’” which is obviously more of a rap album. Then I started listening more to rap music and Grime. My influences when it comes to rap are 50 Cent, G Fresh, Blake Brown. I’ve always had a big ear for music so I was listening to a lot of different stuff.

How has your life changed in 2017?

It’s been a rollercoaster. Everyday I do or see something new.

I’ve travelled, been to places I’d never been before. We went to Dubai for Disturbing Dubai, I played at Royal Albert Hall, we went top ten and top 40 and I’m just loving it. It’s just getting better and better and looking forward to next year.

What are your plans for 2018?

We’re kicking off a tour in March, putting together a new project and putting some good music out there. I want to get closer to the fans and want to build a bigger fan base and a bigger community of listeners.

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